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The wellbeing challenge that builds physical and mental health

When Employees are Thriving Workplaces are Unstoppable

To create a thriving workplace requires mentally and physically healthy employees that are part of safe and supportive teams.

Active and Thriving provides workplaces with a complete wellbeing solution to support an individual’s mental and physical health. We bring theory into the workplace through our engaging solutions that build healthy teams so the workplace can thrive.

We have over 6 years of experience delivering digital behaviour change programs across Australia and the Asia Pacific. Our unique behaviour change framework uses network theory, social nudges, and cue to action on an engaging and intuitive platform.

Behaviour change is personal and our technology allows for participants to have individualised experiences while getting the social benefits of been part of the Active and Thriving community

Why You Should Register

Supportive teams -Teams work together to take ownership of their wellbeing. Having the support and motivation of a team helps employees stay committed to healthy behaviours.

Friendly competition – Competition between employees is fun! The points system, leaderboards, challenges and trophies encourage your employees to stay engaged from start to finish.

Unique experiences  By participating in a program that incorporates weekly challenges employees are motivated to find new ways to improve health and enjoy doing it.

Daily reflection  Each day your employees will reflect on their health and receive feedback when healthy targets have been met or more needs to be done. This allows for changes to be made in real time, and of course be rewarded for the healthy behaviours.

Long lasting impact – Your employees will take the knowledge gained to continue building the wellbeing culture in your workplace.

Fun for everyone – No matter the fitness level or what the goals are, everybody can earn points for their team and improve their health.

So what are you waiting for?

Start this program at your workplace


Your active lifestyle and a healthier, happier, more productive workplace awaits.