Get your workplace active

What is the Active Workplace Challenge

AWC is a fun and engaging lifestyle program that helps builds a positive wellbeing culture within your workplace. The unique My Points entry encourages participants to be mindful of their health behaviors daily and the leaderboard inspires friendly competition. The weekly team and individual challenges encourages participants to experience the different ways both physical and mental health can be improved.

The 8 week team challenge creates a positive and supportive working environment. The focus is on making healthier decisions daily, which have a long term effect health. The team environment encourages accountability, motivation and self-efficacy as participants constantly progress through their health journey.

How does it work

Begins September 10, 2019 and runs for 8 weeks to support long term behaviour change. Each day participants enter their health behaviours on the easy to use AWC platform and earn points for their team which are tracked on the leaderboards.

Each week new challenges, workouts and health information are released to help teams improve their health and stay engaged. The great thing about AWC is there is something for every fitness level.

Also included are weekly exercise videos, from yoga to functional fitness, all designed by an exercise physiologist.

Finishers certificates are awarded on completion of the challenge highlighting your notable efforts and awards for winning teams across organisation, industry and the entire AWC network.

Each team and organisation receives a full report regarding key facets of the challenge. Detailed reports include information on participation rates, health markers, changes in absenteeism and job satisfaction.

AWC takes wellbeing challenges to the next level by rewarding participants every day for positive, life-enhancing behaviours. This challenge gives all participants the knowledge and tools to maintain healthy behaviours long after the challenge has finished.

Who can participate

Anyone can participate! Regardless of fitness level or experience, everyone can do something to improve their health every single day. Everyone can be challenged at their level. And everyone can earn points for their team.

Each team is made up of 5 members, they can be co-workers, friends or family. Your team will compete against other teams in your organisation, industry network and the entire Active Workplace Challenge.