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Get your workplace active

What is the Active and Thriving Program?

Active and Thriving is a unique corporate health and wellbeing program that supports workplaces, teams, and individuals to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

The 12-month program is delivered on a gamified wellbeing portal and has two distinct phases;  Active Teams and Thriving Minds. This provides workplaces with a comprehensive solution to support the mental, social and physical wellbeing of their people.

Combining the latest in behaviour change theory with digital technology allows for individualised health and wellbeing to be delivered at scale.

About Active Teams

Active Teams is a 6-week healthy lifestyle challenge where teams work together to unlock levels by scoring active points. The healthier a team is over the challenge, the more trophies they will collect, levels they will unlock and bragging rights they will have.

Each day participants log their sleep, diet and exercise habits to earn points for reaching the Australian guidelines.

Each week participants choose a new health challenge and are provided with articles, videos, and quizzes to help them achieve it.

Each fortnight teams will come together to take on a challenge together to improve the wellbeing culture at work.

About Thriving Minds

Thriving Minds uses the cue-action-reward model to go far beyond mental health information by motivating participants to take action. Thriving Minds focus areas are:

  • Improving team psychological safety
  • Building personal resilience
  • Reducing mental health stigma.

Participants progress through a range of gamified resilience-building modules such as mindfulness, gratitude, productivity, stress reduction or giving.

In the 6-week’s teams must work towards completing mini-challenges to improve the working environment.

This program is perfectly timed with R U OK? Day, World Mental Health Day and Health & Safety Month.