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Wellbeing program benefits

Benefits to participants

Fun and engaging Fun and engaging
Improved sleep and energy levelsImproved sleep and energy levels
Decreased stressDecreased stress
Increased concentration and productivityIncreased concentration and productivity
Reduction in risk for chronic diseasesReduction in risk for chronic diseases
Decreased waist circumferenceDecreased waist circumference
Reducing the risk of injuryReducing the risk of injury
Reduction in blood pressureReduction in blood pressure
Increased job satisfactionIncreased job satisfaction
Increased self esteemIncreased self esteem
Increased health knowledgeIncreased health knowledge
Being a positive role model to friends and familyBeing a positive role model to friends and family

Benefits to organisations

Employee driven wellnessEmployee driven wellness
Improved corporate imageImproved corporate image
Increased staff moral and team workIncreased staff moral and team work
Reduced employee turnoverReduced employee turnover
Increased productivityIncreased productivity
Reduced absenteeism and presenteeismReduced absenteeism and presenteeism
Key factor for injury preventionKey factor for injury prevention
Reduction in workers compensation claimsReduction in workers compensation claims
Higher levels of engagementHigher levels of engagement
Better communication across levelsBetter communication across levels
Achieve unified goalAchieve unified goal