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Injury Prevention

We offer a range of engaging and practical workshops focused on musculoskeletal injury prevention or injury management. All workshops are delivered by exercise physiologists who have a minimum of 10 years experience in injury prevention and rehabilitation. We work with all clients to customise the workshops to the target population.

Uncoil your body – Undo bad office posture

As most office based workers are sitting for over 10 hours a day the number of workplace injuries continues to rise.

Uncoil your body is a 90 minute session designed to undo the effects of sitting all day. This interactive session uses behaviour change theory to simplify injury prevention. The session includes:

  • What happens to the body after prolonged sitting
  • Common workplace injuries
  • What is ideal posture and how to achieve it
  • Simple exercises to correct posture
  • Strategies to reduce sitting in the workplace

Better Neck, Back & Shoulders – Injury prevention

This 3-hour session helps participants understand how to help the body function optimally and reduce the risk of injury. The interactive session includes:

  • Why pain prevention
  • Common mechanisms of injury
  • Anatomy of the neck, back and shoulder
  • Interactive standing posture assessment
  • Pain prevention techniques

All participants will leave our sessions with the confidence to apply practical strategies to improve their physical health.