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Key Features

  1. Be positive- Focus on influencing the moods of those around you.
  2. Junk Food Triathlon – As a team through planned exercise ‘burn off’ 15 popular junk food items.
  3. Lung Buster – Test your aerobic fitness with three short but intense mini workouts.
  4. Sleep Better-Follow our steps to improve your quality of sleep
  5. Like a Monk – Over the course of a week abstain from any stimulants including alcohol, caffeine and nicotine.
  6. High Wattage – Using planned exercise produce enough energy as household appliances.

Stock your trophy cabinet with over 40 awards

  1. Swim the English Channel – Awarded for recording over 13 hours of swimming
  2. Hole in shoe – Awarded for 35 hours of walking or 25 hours of running
  3. 44 Gallon Drum – Receive this trophy when you consume over 200 litres of water
  4. Dry as a bone – Awarded for 30 days without alcohol
  5. Burj Khalifa Stair Master – Climb 160 stories of stairs to achieve this trophy

Access the AWC Wellness Centre

  1. Access new workouts every week.
  2. All workouts are full length videos so just play your music and away you go.
  3. Each week will incorporate a different training style to build your exercise knowledge.

15 Active Lifestyle levels to work your way through

  1. See how many of the 15 levels you and your team can unlock in the 10 weeks
  2. Each level unlocks another ancient tribe
  3. The more points you get the more you see
  4. Your final level will be on your finishers certificate

Get rewarded for personal goals like

  1. 7 workouts in 7 days
  2. Give up or reduce your smoking/drinking
  3. Ride or walk to work every day
  4. Pack a healthy lunch every day

Expert Corner

  1. Have all your questions answered from industry experts

Plenty more

  1. Weekly resources – covering all key interest areas in health, nutrition, fitness and wellness.
  2. Workout of the Week – Complete these special workouts each week to earn bonus points
  3. Newsletters and mini events post challenge to keep you moving and motivated on your wellness journey.