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Success Stories

  • Thank you for a fantastic 10 weeks where I can definitely say I am making healthier lifestyle changes.- Teressa
  • I decided to start concentrating on becoming fit and healthy for the benefit of my daughter. I wanted to make sure that I would be around to watch her grow up and also to make sure that I felt healthy enough to be able to run around and play with her. The AWC fitness challenge has helped me stay focused and on track with keeping fit. - Anonymous
  • The AWC has been perfectly timed in my life. It's helped me to both learn ways to maximise my health as well as providing me with a motivating force to keep up healthy practices. I loved being part of such a lovely team too. It has been a very supportive environment in which to make the changes I want to make. I've loved being a part of the AWC! - Lauren
  • I am a single parent with type 1 diabetes. For me it's important to keep fit and healthy to ensure I have no complications from my condition, this positively impacts my daughter's wellbeing as I need to be well, so she has a mother well into the future!

    The AWC challenge was fun, I already eat well and go to the gym several times a week but I loved the added challenges that helped mix things up and make my fitness and health regime a bit more fun. It has certainly encouraged me to try new things, drink more water and get my family involved too.

    I look forward to using the AWC ideas well into the future. Thank you! - Rene

  • Being a part of the AWC has had a positive impact in my life and my overall health, I feel better, my skin seems to look so much better, I feel stronger, and I know my insides are better. Due to a previous injury I have been more limited that others but I`m definitely working on that & it continues to be a goal of mine, and even though the harder AWC physical challenges seem out of reach at the moment the AWC have still kept me interested and on track by providing alternative challenges that I can complete and these keep me motivated and encouraged. AWC is not overpowering and sends timely easy to read messages that keep me motivated. Thanks Everyone PS: get up its time to stretch and fill up that bottle of water. (wink) - Isabella
  • When the AWC challenge started it was a great way for me to get more active and set myself goals each day (and a little bit of competition in the workplace never hurts).

    Our team, along with other AWC teams have been meeting regularly on weekends and walking the local bushwalking trails which I am thoroughly enjoying and it allows for me spend quality time with my family time also. It also gives me the opportunity to get to know my workmates on a more personal level.

    I am hoping that this inspires my two daughters to be active and healthy and teach them that it is not all about sitting in front of the TV or gaming devices all the time and to enjoy the fresh air in our beautiful surroundings. - Liz

  • "The Wellness Culture in our office has improved with other staff asking us what we're doing, commenting on how happy we look and what can they do, so we have used our time during the challenge to invite other staff members to join us on walks, or stretching and doing some of the exercises. The entertainment value alone at times has been hilarious. - Gina
  • Participating in the AWC has really improved the culture in my workplace by showing that minor adjustments can bring major improvements. - Carol
  • The AWC has assisted me with motivating my colleagues to get active throughout the working day, to take time and get away from their desk and computer. Our work unit is on the top floor of the building and now we regularly do the stairs and stretch to refresh our minds and bodies during our shift. We will definitely keep this regime going after the 10 week challenge has been completed. - Emma
  • Being a part of the AWC has had great benefits for our team. In a fast paced work environment it is easy to get too busy to take a break and generally consider making healthy decisions during our work day. The encouragement that we have been able to give each other has led to positive outcomes for all of our participants and a re-focus on some easy initiatives that we can implement long after the challenge has finished.

    We are all drinking heaps of water each day, taking regular breaks, doing some stretching, discussing healthy meals and encouraging each other to keep going. A little bit of competition between departments hasn?t hurt either! We all want to win!

    Thanks AWC Team - Haydee

  • I would just like to tell you the story of why I wanted my work team to participate in the Challenge. Late last year, one of our team members underwent surgery in an attempt to have a healthier more active life. The surgery went well, but within a week he was fighting for his life due to some unfortunate complications. He is still a very unwell man. What worried me was we had a few other team members that were potentially looking at a similar fate if they didn't make some significant changes. I thought that the challenge might just be the launching pad for such changes in supportive and slightly competitive environment.

    I've not told the team that this is what prompted my drive to get our team involved, I just wanted us to all benefit from a healthy and more active lifestyle. We have certainly made some changes in our workplace and I think overall we had some significant wins! Anonymous